Axia / FibreNet Hub & Request for Proposal

Designed and developed a responsive self-serve portal for the Alberta Government, and Axia’s Enterprise and Carrier customers. Integrated with Salesforce CRM, network provisioning tools, billing tools, and more. Wrote brochure-style documentation that was included in Axia’s request for proposal response. Hosted training sessions on the portal and held demos at all levels of leadership.

Axia / Legacy Infrastructure Migration

Migrated over 10 legacy environments to new, more secure infrastructure. Upgraded scripts and continuous integration layers for security and future-proofing. Saved organization over $10,000 a month in infrastructure environment costs.

Shadowlack / Founder & Full Stack Developer

Established in 2002, Shadowlack is an ongoing collaborative writing game as well as a unique world-building project.

RPGfix / Founder & Full Stack Developer

A custom-built roleplaying game directory. RPGfix can take  screenshots of sites, allow visitors to browse various categories, view tutorials and resources, offers full user and directory management, and  much more.

flarum-pronouns / Flarum Extension

An extension to add user pronouns to a Flarum installation.

XenForo FAQ Manager / XenForo Addon

A fully integrated FAQ addon for XenForo. Includes full text search and file uploading.

Planted Tanks & Terrariums / Cool Shit

Building vivariums with small ecosystems.

CaVirtEx / Design & Development

Canada’s first, and once largest, cryptocurrency exchange. Overhauled the startup’s front-end, created more interactivity with JavaScript, improved upon information hierarchy, streamlined user verification, account management, and currency exchange flow. Acquired by Coinsetter for $2 million in 2015.

Agrium / Redesign & Business Identities

Built the new Agrium site using the enterprise-level CMS, OpenText. Created various templates and custom components for features like Google Search Appliance integration (searches all of Agrium’s sites), stock prices, financial information, reporting documents, sustainability story rotation, and career search integration.

Agrium / Caring for Our Watersheds

An educational program that weaves together the combined strengths of industry, environmental  organizations, and communities to engage students in preserving and  improving their local watersheds. Web design, integration and deployment with the enterprise-level CMS, contest registration using Java, JavaScript, and XML.

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