Jodie has extensive knowledge in full stack web application development (JavaScript/Node, Python, and more), securing development processes, web standards, information architecture, and competitive analysis for startups. She is a curious person and a dedicated lifelong learner.

Jodie is passionate about LGBT+ rights and representation, education, information security, OSINT, white hat hacking, net neutrality, user experience and interface design, a11y web accessibility, bioactive terrariums (isopods), creative and technical writing.

She likes to draw for fun.



  • Planted Tanks - Aquariums with living plants.
  • Terrariums - Building terrariums with small ecosystems.
  • Shadowlack - A Play-by-Post roleplaying game and world building project.
  • RPGfix - A roleplaying game directory.
  • flarum-pronouns - An extension to add user pronouns to a Flarum installation.
  • XenForo FAQ Manager - A fully integrated FAQ addon for XenForo. Includes full text search and file uploading.