Jodie Struthers lives in Calgary, Alberta and attended the Alberta University of the Arts for a Bachelor of Design degree (BDes) in Visual Communications Design.

Jodie has extensive knowledge in regards to User Experience (UX), Web Development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more), design and current web standards.

Clients include: American Express, Bell Canada, United Way, Agrium (Nutrien), Prostate Cancer Centre, CAVIRTEX (acquired by Kraken/Coinsetter)

Personal Projects

  • Planted Tanks - Aquariums with living plants.
  • Terrariums - Building terrariums with small ecosystems.
  • Shadowlack - A Play-by-Post roleplaying game and world building project.
  • RPGfix - A roleplaying game directory.
  • Inktober - Yearly October inking challenge.


Online Merchandise


More clothing options, and stickers!


Art prints, throw pillows, mugs, wall clocks, phone cases, laptop skins, clothing, duvet covers (probably one of the most badass duvet covers you'll ever see), shower curtains, oh my! New product options all the time.


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