Kakos blinks, seemingly distraught. Good luck.. Ha. What kind of a bidding was that? She needed no determent from death’s temptation. Then without a moment’s hesitation she leaps into the opposer’s midst, not wanting to miss out on any given opportunity to bloody her curved beak and talons. Dark glowing eyed demons, snapping and hissing death threats as they advanced. Invigorating. Working along almost robotically, Kakos slashes, spilling intestines and other foul bodily fluids. Settling into a bit of a frenzy, Kakos’ shrieks. A loud trilling cry. Yet it’s not in anguish, surprise or discontentment. More so just a cover-up for her overwhelming blatent glee.


Kakosenas hisses, lashing out violently to cripple an advancing foe. It’s angered cry as well as the shouts, pleas, and screeches from others proving only to bury her senses deeper within herself. Entirely oblivious to her own well being, her comrades, and the one-sidedness of the battle. Now just lusting for the pain that she inflicts, hurting only at first to cripple and to hear the wails of anguish before taking her time to finish the job off. Kakos back-wings out of the reach of a groping clawed hand, silken ebony wings now bearing the fruits of the fight. Chunks of feathers missing and slashed sides, some spots grazed right down to the bone, yet still completely usable. A creature strikes her from behind, it’s aim slightly off and the blow catching her smartly in her right wing joint. She stumbles to the ground, only to whirl and spat angry words in an unitelligible language at her assualter. Talons outstretched, she leaps upon the demon, intent on wreaking her own havoc.