Between the living worlds and the alleged world that awaits us after we die, there exists a transportation network called the Breath Tragger. This network works non-stop to deliver Shades to their various destinations, and in doing such, recycles their life essences and keeps the balance of the universe. However, like all transportation systems, the Breath Tragger is not without its flaws. Sometimes, more often when races are warring, the Breath Tragger becomes congested. It is during this time that the greedy Black Shuck likes to surface. Like a sticky-fingered child eyeballing candy, it hungrily selects Shades to serve its own purposes.The Black Shuck can be described succinctly as an infinite pocket dimension. It is not known exactly how, but the Black Shuck manages to pluck Shades out of the Breath Tragger before they are able to reach their final destinations, thereby upsetting the natural flow. The captured Shades are tossed into the dimension of Black Shuck, awakening in a place referred to as Limbo. There are many theories as to why the Black Shuck is capturing and holding onto Shades. The most popular one is the belief that the Black Shuck is building an army; an army so powerful that it will be able to usurp the entire universe. Whether it is creating an army or not, the demise of the universe seems inevitable if the Shade theft continues.With each passing moment, the balance of the universe tips ever so slightly in the Black Shuck’s favour as it continuously rips Shades from the Breath Tragger. Now that you’ve died on your world and have been ensnared by the Black Shuck’s fierce jaws, please ask yourself one question: are you going to let this Shade plundering continue?