Moogle & Brimwylf

Moogle & Brimwylf

Meet Moogle! Aria and I ended up adopting a cat. We’ve had her for approximately a month now, and she’s been fitting into the household perfectly. The first night we had her, she woke me up at 3 AM because she was hungry (I’d only given her a little bit to eat because I was unsure as to how much she had eaten at the shelter). Now she only insists on waking us up to cuddle after our morning alarms have gone off.

Moogle is a two year old grey and white tabby, born sometime in December of 2007. She is also adorable. I’d forgotten just how much I missed having something warm and fuzzy lurking around inside of the house. Every day after work she’s waiting at the door to greet us (loudly) when we get home. :)


Yet another new addition to the apartment is Brimwylf. Brimwylf is the name that I decided to give to my new desktop. It’s also one of many names that is given to Grendel’s mother in the epic poem Beowulf. I found it fitting because it’s quite the beast. It makes playing games… well, amazing. I was long, long overdue for a new computer. My laptop lasted me a whole five years. It’s going to be retired and re-formatted to run flavours of linux only.

Here are my new system specs:

  • Motherboard: Asus P6T SE X58
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 920
  • Video: Nvidia eVGA e-GeForce GTX285
  • 6 GB RAM (Kingston)
  • 2 x 500 GB hard drives (Seagate)
  • Antec Performance One P183 ATX Case (Sweet case that has lots of room for expansion!)
  • OS: Dual-booting Windows 7 & Ubuntu

I also picked up a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard, which is pretty awesome in regards to keyboards that actually “feel” like a laptop keyboard.  Plus it glows in the dark for all that late night typing. Everything is so shiny and new! I’m absolutely loving it so far. Also… rather surprised that Windows 7 doesn’t really suck. I think I may finally be 100% finished with Windows XP. Of course, it can’t replace my Ubuntu development environment.

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